Thursday, January 24, 2008

Returning Back

I thought I was perfectly over it. There was enough time to ponder on the possibilities of giving it a shot or a final blow. But today, I found myself in the same stream of trying to put back the pieces of torn photographs I took along the way.

I stayed for quite some time in the 'cage' and now I need an urgent release. This could be one of the reasons why I'm rethinking my earlier decision. Another reason is the fact that I still have something to settle from the past before I can actually move on and decide for the future.

After my class, I went to a friend's pad to reinforce positive vibes. I always turn to this person every time I need a good dose of positive energy. He has the right moon to give that energy.

With good music, coffee and poetry, we had our attempts to figure out why it has to be this way and how can we make it better. There's bliss we feel despite life's inconsistencies.

Like the photographs, conversations like this will surely last because we had the courage to find something beautiful in life's cycle of coming and leaving.

*Thanks for the book and the Cd's. I'm still thinking about the ten days.

1 comment:

anna katrina said...

waaaah. i so know about the ten days. hehe.

hahay. i think we both know how much those kinds of talks really make a difference, especially in our oh so tragic lives *wink*. Real friends who share something deeper with us than just laughs and gossips are really hard to come by. Whoever that person is, I hope he's making you very happy. Even if friendship lang. ^_^