Monday, October 17, 2005


Land rests in his mother's cradle
like horns laid on the mantle.
The ball of fire shares its embers
to flora and fauna. The river
slithers like a snake in the land
of knowledge and temptation.
She rises from the glistening belly
of the snake. Shamans perceived
her coming. Life's eternal battle
for life rekindles her dreamless
nights. Her hands perform the ritual
of her kin that only memory
will remember. She utters words
of wisdom; piercing the ears of those
who have forsaken her. The sapphire
in her hand holds her orison -- the
deepest and most desperate desire
of her heart. Her enchantment.
Her elegy. Her poem.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dream Catcher

Why does man dwell on dreams?
Dreams of forbidden rituals

that brought to life the photograph
of illusion. These dreams

only summon the furious creatures
that have nested in the arms

of the one who dreamed. Dreams
only reckon the fury of solitude.

Why does man dwell on dreams
and forget to live? Why wait

until reality flaps her wings and
fly together with the wind?