Saturday, August 18, 2007


This one's for the person who patiently listened to our stories and taught us the craft of writing. Thank you very much, Sir Ian! Happy birthday and congratulations on you third Palanca. (Libre! Libre!)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bilib sa Kabataan!

I'm bound for Manila tomorrow for the International Youth Day Celebration. We will be attending lectures on youth empowerment for sustainable development (nose bleed). But the university is paying for all my expenses so I'm compelled to go (wink). I will be leaving loads of task to my colleagues in the Kapunungan sa mga Mass Communicators and the Council of Student Organizations. I know they can pull it off.

PAHABOL: We will also have our own IYD celebration here in Dumaguete City. The Renaissance Youth Leaders Forum, Kapunungan sa mga Mass Communicators, Medical Technology Society, and College of Education Student Organization will have a parallel celebration at Hayahay this Saturday. Be seen, Be heard: Youth participation for development! Be there!

Redefining Beauty and Strength

This is no longer a joke. Eight years of almost being there is boring and your about to break that spell. This isn't much of a pressure. Break a leg, Grace.