Monday, September 17, 2007

Solar Generation in Bayawan

This weekend, when everyone had somewhere to go, I hitched (with Jordan and Fiona) to Razcel's art workshop in Bayawan. He was invited to conduct a workshop on art and its social relevance by the Character First sector of the local goivernment unit of Bayawan.

The suppose art workshop and exposure trip of Solar Generation became the first cycle of SG's pictorial craze. I can't believe the four of us took almost 400 shots in just a day and a half. We were camera whores. (Sorry for the term.) In every nook that we visited, we never fail to burst in saying, "Picture! Picture!".

Random pictures...

Thank you Kuya Oliver, Kuya Toto, Ate Ging, Bethel and the Bayawanons for the warm hospitality... See you soon...

*More pictures will be posted on this site soon.