Wednesday, December 26, 2007


In the midst of trying to be a decent photographer, I stumbled to this which is a great idea.

Here's my ekphrasis. It is poem being based on, derived from, or inspired by the picture. An ekphrastic poem can also be about a piece of music, so you will have to find a visual for the music (maybe be a photo of part of the score, the picture of the composer, or the like.)

Walking Away

Someday, in the midst of dividing planes
there will be stones waiting to be crushed
and after the painful ordeal of dividing and crushing,
you will be sleeping in caves
with the moon patiently guiding you.
I will only be watching you shiver and
there might be crows that will visit you.
Hold on! Nostalgic night will come and in your
memory I will be a deja vu—
eternal battle you will fight with bare hands.

(for him who hides in the tin box)

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