Friday, April 28, 2006

Right or Respect?

"Ang paninindigan ay walang kinikilalang okasyon o pagdiriwang"
-MariaTtheresa Pangilinan, Cavite State University

After all these hullabaloos about Teresa Pangilinan’s face-to-face protest to the President during their commencement exercise at the Cavite State University and this "lunatic injustice secretary" ordering an investigation, I think it’s my turn to share my thoughts about this issue. I personally admire Teresa for her courage to speak out what she believes which I think every single youth should have.
More than the controversies and the arguments raised by Teresa and her group’s act of courage, I think we should look at this as a catalyst that will stir the youth’s interest to get involved in issues confronting our public officials.
And this is her effect to me—my first post about something with a political root, which is not a usual occurrence. This is Teresa’s effect to me—and we need others like her and me.

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