Monday, March 24, 2008

Letting Go

'Get out of Dumaguete and find work somewhere.' This is the ready answer I would reply to those asking me about my career path. For most graduates, this is a common answer. For a city as small as Dumaguete, it's almost impossible to find a good and high-paying job. It's been a week since I got up that stage to receive my diploma, but I'm thinking otherwise. The city's quaint charm has captured me indeed despite the pain I'm running from.

I remember telling my a friend that the acacia trees in Silliman University represent my biggest heartaches. And yes, they still do. But every time I think of leaving this place, I always find a reason to stay and it's getting hard to deal with everyday. Maybe running away from them isn't really the best way to heal? Maybe the only way to heal is to bravely face them?

I really don't where to go. Would staying here in Dumaguete still be a right decision? But maybe there are no right decisions. I should only be brave to take the further step to eventually move one. For now, I'll stare at the horizon and find out what to hold on and what to let go.

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artpaix said...

ma.drama ini ning. babae na sa kadagatan...naghuna.huna na unta maging serena sa apo island. padayon yotch.