Thursday, December 27, 2007


It is probably unique here in the province of Oriental Negros that the change of political leaders would also mean the change of festivals. For a couple years, we celebrate Buglasan Festival every October. However, after the recent elections, the newly elected governor decided to move it to December and construct a permanent trade center and exhibit for LGUs and called it Sidlakang Negros (similar to Panaad of Negros Occidental). The Buglasan festival then, now became Buglas Festival. I don't know what happened to the last two letters. But the activities last year and the previous years are practically the same.

Just this afternoon, we had the Buglas Festval of Festivals. It used to be a festival olympics of almost 20 LGUs, but this year, only four participated. Namely the Jambabalud Festival of Jimalalud, the Tawo-Tawo Festival of Bayawan City, the Pakol Festival of Sta. Catalina and the Langub Festival of Mabinay. I thought only the colleges in Silliman are apathetic in joining university activities like Miss Silliman and the All University Cheering Competition. There's seems to a parallelism here. What happened to the other local government units? What happened to the internationally-acclaimed Yag-Yag Festival of Sibulan? Or even our local Sandurot Festival?

The Buglasan Festival or Buglas Festival (which ever way you call it) is certainly one of the best traditions here in the province. It's a festive gathering of local treasures that negrenses can be proud of. And here are the faces of this tradition:

Isn't it worth preserving? Although we may have a mediocre Buglas Festival this year, we can always do better next year? Whatchathink?

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I like the pics Lyde!!