Friday, May 18, 2007

Why we sould love or at least care for our sawsawan?

We should love or at least care for our sawsawan for one simple reason: it adds or enhances the taste of what could be a very simple dish. It could be the tomato sauce we mix with the noodles to make a delightful pasta or the vinegar to which we dip our favorite bulad. Without it, our meal would not be compete.

We have different preferences for our sawsawan. And we could have our own reasons why we choose to stick to it. It could lead us to crave for more or our meal is satisfying despite its meagerness and simplicity because of the sauce we choose. And I have both reasons.

I won't make this long because I promised not to even care about it, but at least now they know. Forgive me for ranting...

PAHABOL: Here's a site offering a recipe to make the best sauce in the world. Click here.

Enjoy! *wink

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kubi said...

i read this book that said, with filipinos, cooking doesn't just happen in the kitchen. it continues on the dining table where we add this and that to our ulam. salt and sauces. unlike foreign chefs who get insulted by people meddling with their dishes, pinoy chefs encourage the participation of their wards.

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