Wednesday, April 25, 2007

There's more this coming May...

When I knew that I was not accepted as fellow for the Dumaguete National Writer's Workshop, I thought I will have more free time this May to linger around--but I was wrong!

I just came from a meeting for the 2007 Literatura Festival and Sir Ian said that this year it's going to be a month long celebration (that's really good news) and i will be coordinating the event (Ngek!). I'm really pressured! This is no time for mediocrity and I don't want to disappoint Sir Ian and the writers who will be coming to give lectures on poetry (cebuano and english), fiction and creative non-fiction.

This will be so much fun! Marianne, Rodrigo, and Jordan, you might want to help us?

By the way, the camp isn't over yet! We still have three more days.

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dani said...

...and now..the camp's over..whaaa!! missing you so much!

by the way..i'm enjoying reading your blog..hehehe...