Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Poems for Protest

In the midst of political chaos, that includes my disqualification to run for Vice-president for the Silliman University Student Government, Raczel Salvarita (current SUSG President) and I have decided to have a break or a challenge perhaps. We agreed to come up with our own poetry in five minutes. This is our on-the-spot-poetry-writing-as-protest.

Five minutes later, I had this...


You handed over me
a cup of cappuccino.
Blended with sugar
and cream to suit
my taste buds.
Its bitterness is all
there is for me
to savor.
To the last drop,
all I have,
once more,
is you.

For Razcel, he had this…

Against the Wind

I never thought I’d
whisper my disappointments
to the wind.
It carries it along
in peace to the golden shores
of memories
dropped for its harmful
substance to the human soul.
Let me take a walk.
Let me feel the blade of grasses.
Let me see the constellations.
Let me shed in tears so I
can water the land
and be one with it
until you walk to me without knowing
that you’ve done it twice
to keep me still and just look
at you as a passing memory
one crazy Sunday afternoon.

It was a total relief from the uncertainty that we were facing that day and so, we took the challenge to a higher level. This time, we only have 3 minutes to write poetry.

Here’s Razcel’s second shot…


I’m stranded in the depths
of craziness.
To live in total nakedness
surrounded with disillusionment
and orgasmic mysteries.
Breathe the eternal
lies—the eternal sorrow.

And here’s mine…


What if the leaves were
What if the sea was
Twist everything!
For breathing is a gamble
of colors
and infinity
is the brightest.

This is fun!


Grand Pirouettes said...

wow lyde... you and rats are great poets.. kebs anang pulitika... continue create an impact lyde... there are a lot of ways.... basta... i trust you will make me and us proud...not in s.g. but somewhere that is even better... thanks rats... keep writing

Anonymous said...

thank you very much...with people like you around me, together, we can make a great impact...thanks for everything...


jordan said...

whoa. orgasmic mysteries...
that's very cool.