Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Painting Words

Moon Painted on Glass

Windows of filigree, framed
with intricately shaped galvanized
iron; ornamented with fleur de lis,
symbol for power and loyalty,
and curtains embroidered with
roses, of birthing and womanhood,
all loping in motions of fidelity.

The tempest moved on all directions
making waves that sent ripples
to the dwellers and spreading
the windows that emancipated
the phantom of the old dresser.

Pinned on a thick black blanket,
the docile moon posed for the
invisible painter to complete
the image stained on glass window.
And after his final stroke,
you closed the window
caressing the clear, cold glass.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

another great work from a discreet great poet! discreet because his works are supposed to be in the palancas but until now, wala pa.

make me a poem, it is an honor indeed.