Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pain is my middle name...

Reaping Pain in Winter

Remember Cafe Amber, and our first order
of brewed coffee and chocolate cake.
We savored every drop of coffee

like it was the sweat of our desire.
I felt the chocolate crawling inside
my mouth as your lips touch my nape.

Recall the lines from your favorite poems
and how we made love through words.
The rhythm from my tongue caresses your

innocence that lay in the whiteness of my pillow.
Your moan resonates in the room
like rhymes from your intensity to my gravity.

"But the leaves
have abandoned the trees."

Lines from the last poem you read
to me three years have passed.
Both of us adored Danton's poems.
You said, "It is not everyday that
we encounter such fine poems
and visions of love."

We found reality in his poetry.
And you left, as the leaves fall
from the boughs of my tree.

The tree survived winter, alone.

I found you in this room, white as snow.
Memories of how innocent you were
when we first met linger on my mind
and of how my coffee stained you.
Why do I always fall for young boys?

Cancer brought you here.

The cruelty of destiny flows from
your four chambers to my blood streams.
I can't stop the deluge with my
clammy hands. Only tears are groping
for hope, that one day you will read
to me again the passage of our
forbidden affair.

The most irresistible love
is the love you can't have.

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