Thursday, February 09, 2006

from him...

Never lament on lost love,
my ally of the pen.
We no longer live in shame
on expression and
expression is our submission.
There's never a wasted ink
on poetry,
(my ally of the pen).
Your fantasy to taste the urgency
drove the sanity for
illusions. What you wrote
is also alive, breathing of
truth from fiction
It is a manic madness
to be seen as a fool.
The way you call it a talent
of sucking dry the
juices of glorified passion.


Dirg said...

This is the best poem i ever read...

lyde said...

As n!
Are you sure?!

anna katrina said...

char,char... makaduda jud mong duha. Dirg, I read your blog too... bali pod mo uy... i can't keep up. Ibang level jud mo!

anna katrina said...

Si anna diay ni...hehehe