Monday, September 19, 2005

"A kiss may ruin a human life."
Oscar Wilde


(for j)

Like a crook in the night, you
Entered the room. The curtains
Raised as the windows closed.
I received you with unlocked
Arms, like a warrior's homecoming.

The room was lit by the moon
Above us. Chanting idyllic songs,
I can hear mythical creatures
In the ocean. Tonight suddenly
Metamorphosed to a fete.

The world was still and the clock
Stopped ticking. Our bodies moved
Closer and clasped each other.
You kissed me and your tongue has
Has poison. Vacuous yet venomous.

The mass of your form was above
Me.You gripped both my hands and
Ruled over me. Your lips stroked
My neck and gently down to
The midmost of my bosom.

Your glistening torso jammed
Into my whole being. Covered
In sweat, my body soccumed
To the end of your passion;
The fullest of your savagry

The septuagenarian crone
Will surely raise her eyebrows
At this vista. Her unending
Litany will echo in the
Ears of the genteel people.

As the sun slither over
The horizon, the room begun
To be illuminated. Beside
Me is just a dented pillow
And a crumpled quilt.


Dirg said...

I know to whom you dedicated this poem for...igat to the max!

Anonymous said...

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